The board of the Watoto Foundation

The board of the Watoto Foundation currently has four members. Each of them is closely involved from the start and 100% committed to the street children of Tanzania. Three to four times a year they sit together in a meeting in the Netherlands where they discuss the progress and development of the foundation.

Apart from Noud van Hout, who lives in Tanzania himself, each member endeavours to personally visit the projects of the Watoto Foundation at least once a year.

The board of the Watoto Foundation is formed by:

Chairman Watoto Foundation - Drs. H. Schripsema

Drs. H. SchripsemaFrom the very beginning I am involved in the Watoto Foundation. I have had various positions in my working life in leading organizations and ussed to be among others chairman of the Rabobank Foundation. The development of children in a very vulnerable situation in Africa has my deep interest. I therefore commit myself gladly to the Watoto Foundation for further development of its projects.




Treasurer Watoto Foundation - Mr. P.F.J.M. van Zon

Mr. P.F.J.M. van ZonBeing an advisor to the Brova Group, I have been connected to the van Hout family since long. the Hout. It was therefore no surprise that I was asked to become a board member of the Watoto Foundation. Since the foundation of the fund-raising foundation I committed myself as secretary /treasurer of the board. In February 2005 I stood for the first time with my feet in the soil of Tanzania. And I got infected with the "Africa virus". In October 2005 I organized a sponsor climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Since then, every year I travel to Tanzania to see how the former street children are doing and developing, and maintain contact with the stakeholders including the NGO board, who are doing a fantastic job.


Board member and founder Watoto Foundation - Dhr. A.J. van Hout

Dhr. A.J. van HoutMy dreams came true ... After 35 years of work and family in the Netherlands my dream to devote myself to the less fortunate finally came true. That this would be in Africa was clear from the beginning. After spending more than a decade here in Tanzania, I am extremely happy to be able to do this work. The satisfaction is great, although it is often not easy to get things done in a completely different culture, yet you are sure that it will bring positive results. But we never give up! Never .... and without struggle there is no development.


Secretary - Heidi Otten

It is fantastic to see how all employees of the Watoto Foundation contribute to the education and personal development of the boys. Watoto Foundation offers them an opportunity they deserve. And with that, positivity for the future. The foundation also tries to improve the quality of the education and the students obtain work experience. The boys can always count on teachers and welfare workers of the foundation. And no, we are not going to change the world with this project. But yes, on a small scale we are of significance. After my visit to the two locations of the Watoto Foundation I was directly committed. As a volunteer I support this project where possible, with the aim that it will be able to run completely independently. How beautiful is that!


Ambassadors of the Watoto Foundation

The following persons have been appointed as ambassadors for the Watoto Foundation, thanks to their continued support of our projects for which  we are very grateful:

  • Mr. Ton van der Vegt
  • Miranda Bekkers
  • Andrea Modest (former student Watoto Foundation)
  • Japhet Obedi (former student Watoto Foundation)
Japhet Obedi and Andrea Modest, two former students and now ambassadors of the Watoto Foundation
Japhet Obedi and Andrea Modest, two former students and now ambassadors of the Watoto Foundation