A Dream

In October 2003, Noud and Truus van Hout left the Netherlands for Tanzania in Africa to live their dream. 

Long-cherished dream

After years working in the family retailbusiness, Noud en Truus van Hout realized it was time to take a step back and make room for the next generation. As a child, Noud always wanted to do missionary work. Truus was a nurse and was just ready to travel to Ghana to help people, when she met Noud.  When they both reached the age of 55, it was the perfect time to start a new challenge. This became the Watoto Foundation in Tanzania.

Truus van Hout surrounded by school children of Tanzania

Interest in Tanzania was awakened in the nineties by fellow sisters of the "Carolus order" from Den Bosch in the Netherlands, where Sister Adriana previously worked for the Wood family. During their first visit to Tanzania and the sisters, Noud and Truus lost their hearts to the country and the people.

Students of the Watoto Foundation in the pick-up

Sister Adriana left for Tanzania in her fifties, her long-cherished wish. They always kept in touch though and slowly Noud and Truus started dreaming of going to Tanzania as well.

The vast landscape of Tanzania

Thanks to Watoto Foundation I now have a paid job so I can take care of my brothers and sisters!

- Jephet