Watoto Foundation puts effort in educating street children in Tanzania

Three different projects make the chance of succes as big as possible. Child in the Stars is for the first reception. Child in the Sky is to educate the children. Last but not least there is the Kiboko lodge who creates employment for the graduated children.

Boys dancing and singing at Child in the Stars

Child in the Stars

Child in the Stars is the drop-in centre in Arusha. The children come here directly from the streets. They have to quit alcohol, bangi (drugs) and glue before they go to Child...

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Child in the Sky

At Child in the Sky the children stay permanent. They live, eat en sleep there. In the morning from 8am to 12.30 they go to school. After lunch they start working at all...

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My life and future have a perspective again. Thanks to Watoto Foundation!

- Ronaldo