Child in the Sky

Daily practice

At Child in the Sky the children stay permanent. They live, eat en sleep there. In the morning from 8am to 12.30 they go to school. After lunch they start working at all vocational skills farming or agriculture some of them prepare dinner and after working time they are playing football or volleyball. In the evening they watch dvd, singing, acrobatic or playing games. They can watch television, play table football or pool table. At nine pm they are going to sleep

A day at the Watoto Foundation:

6.00h Getting up
7.00h Breakfast
7.30h Morning meeting
8.00h - 12.30h School
12.30h - 13.30h Break
13.30h - 16.30h Vocationary training
17.00h Football and other sports
19.00h Diner, sports, games etc. Until bedtime at 21.00h

Good behavior is being rewarded! At sunday afternoon they get some hours free time, there is a movie or something else the children like.


Every year around Christmas time al the children are brought home to their family. Some of them didn't have any contact with their family in years because they lived on the street. In one week time all the employees of the Watoto Foundation drive through Tanzania to bring the children home. Reunification is an important target for the Watoto Foundation.

After years I'm back in contact with my parents. I'm thankfull to Watoto Foundation for that.

- Rashidi