Child in the Stars

Drop-in center

Child in the Stars is the drop-in center in Arusha, the first shelter of hard-core street children aged 13 to 15 years.

Morning class at Children in the Stars

The children come here directly from the streets. They have to quit alcohol, bangi (drugs) and glue before they can go to Child in the Sky in Makumira.

They stay for about three months at Child in the Stars, where they learn simple reading and writing but also cooking, gardening, etc. In the evening there is time for relaxation with TV, games and football. At the drop-in center we try to create a homely atmosphere. 

Happy boys at the Watoto Foundation

Paul is the social worker and together with his wife he does a great job 24 hours a day. We are very happy with what they do for the Watoto Foundation.

Football is very populair at Children in the Stars

I am thankfull to the Watoto Foundation for everything that they've done for me. I have now the chance to be succesfull.

- Andrea