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8 climbers gained money for WF by climbing the Mount Meru

The Watoto Foundation is dependent of gifts from donors. In the past years, luckily there have been alot of sponsors who we are very thankfull. Alot of creative ideas made it possible to accomplish our goals. Your money is for all 100% put into the project. There are no expensive marketing campaigns, youre money goes there were it belongs: the children!

Bank details Watoto Foundation

ING Bank the Netherlands o.v.v. Watoto Eindhoven
Bic/swift ocde: ING BNL 2A
Iban code: NL78INGBO663428467

The receiving of your gift will be confirmed in the beginning of the next month.

Go sponsor Watoto Foundation. With my own eyes I have seen what great work there is being done!

- Peter